Who can join?
- Active Duty or Reserve ophthalmologists in the Army, Navy, or Air Force
- Those who have previously served as military ophthalmologists

How much are dues?
- Membership dues are $60 per year (from 1 January to 31 December)
- You can pay by clinking on the “Pay Dues” button to the left of the screen or at the bottom of the page. 

Thank you for your support! 

Why Should I Join?

- Discounts for active duty ophthalmologists:

  • AAO: 50% membership discount & no fee the year you deploy
  • AAPOS: 50% membership discount
  • AGS meeting: 100% discount
  • ASCRS: 52% membership discount & 55% meeting discount
  • ASOPRS spring meeting: 50% discount
  • ASRS meeting: 50% discount
  • Cornea Society: 45% membership discount
  • Nevada Academy of Ophthalmology: 50% membership discount
  • Washington Academy of Eye Physicians & Surgeons: 80% membership discount & additional meeting discount
  • Women in Ophthalmology meeting: 50% discount
  • Women in Ophthalmology meeting: 50% discount

- Job opportunities are listed on our website

- Partnership with the San Antonio Ophthalmology Course (http://ophthalmologycourse.com)

- Unifies military ophthalmology with our directory of active duty ophthalmologists (click on “SMO Worldwide Locator” tab on the left column)

- To represent your interests on the national level through our voting seat on the AAO Council, partnership with the Vision Center for Excellence, and ad hoc seat on the National Eye Institutes Advisory Council

- To unite military ophthalmology with an annual meeting at AAO

- Because we continually works to bring more benefits to you, our members!  SMO is incorporating new projects and educational activities, including a resident research competition, partnership with international ophthalmology associations, social media outlets, a pre-med mentoring program, etc.

We couldn’t do it without you!  Your dues sustain our website, publish our newsletter, and allow us to continue to represent you.  Please pay your dues now!

Membership Dues

Society of Military Ophthalmologists 2018 Member Dues $60.00

Membership Dues Information

At this time, you can pay dues for 2018. Just click the "PAY DUES" button at the bottom of the page.

In addition, if you wish to give an optional donation, you may also do so as part of the same transaction.  A minimum donation of $25 is required, but there is no maximum amount. Indicate the amount you wish to donate and it will be added to your dues payment.


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