MedXellence Colorado Springs 2020 Course


"Critical Decision Making for Medical Executives: Keys to Improving Health Care Delivery" is an advanced-level course offered by USUHS to educate military health care professionals in the tools and methods needed to continuously improve high-quality healthcare systems. The course supports the Congressional mandate that health care leaders receive education in healthcare management. With the establishment of the National Quality Management Program, medical executives are accountable for clinical effectiveness and efficiency in the use of health care resources at their facilities. This course focuses on improvement in the quality and cost efficiency of clinical practice and population health outcomes through evidence-based decision making.

The course provides an overview of current approaches to the assessment and improvement of health care delivery in the DoD and civilian managed care environments. Emphasis is placed on the analytic methodologies that support decision-making by medical executives, and the evaluation of processes that improve health status of the patient and minimize resource costs.

Overall Goal: MTF Leaders will increase their competence and efficacy in fulfillment of the JMESI criteria and organizational excellence.

The course, delivered approximately five times per year, consists of a combination of pre-course distance learning modules, in-class lectures and discussions, and small-group case study exercises. Throughout the course week, group workshops and exercises allow participants the opportunity to reflect on current issues and problems encountered by medical executives, integrate what they have learned from the course, and to exchange ideas.

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Please note the MedXellence course is excluded from the DoD Conference Policy.


  • When

  • Sunday, June 7, 2020 - Friday, June 12, 2020

  • Where

  • Elkhorn Catering and Conference Center